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Holiday Gifts & Lifestyle

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Holidays at Home

Easy Christmas morning breakfast

Christmas morning is an exciting and joyous time for families. Children are anxious to rush downstairs and see what Santa has left under...

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Holiday appetizers perfect for entertaining

Presents may get much of the glory during the holiday season, but there is much to be said about the foods found throughout this time of...

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Spiritual Christmas traditions to embrace

The holiday season is a special and spiritual time of year. It can sometimes be easy to get lost in the more commercial aspects of the...

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How to make the holiday season more eco-friendly

With so much to do, it can be easy for people celebrating the holiday season to forget about the environment. But no matter how hectic the...

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4 holiday party must-haves

Parties are highly anticipated events come the holiday season. Office parties, gatherings with friends and family celebrations are just...

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Keep your natural tree fresh this Christmas

Natural Christmas tree afficionados love the authenticity such trees provide during the holiday season. Natural trees also provide a unique...

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4 tips to simplify cooking for a crowd this holiday season

Families big and small typically celebrate the holiday season together. For some, celebrating the holidays with family requires traveling,...

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The benefits of LED holiday lights

Many people put significant effort into their holiday lights. When a bulb goes out, all that effort can seem like it was for naught....

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